Who can rent from Woodbridge Costume Collection?

We rent to individuals, businesses, theatres, educational institutions, TV, film, photographers, non-profits and corporate.

Do I need an appointment?

An appointment is not needed so long as it is during business hours.  Appointments are available if outside of regular business hours.

Do I get a price break if I rent for only one day?
No. Many costumes need to be altered, and all costumes need to be dry-cleaned after use, which the rental fee covers. The price for a one-day rental is the same as for a four day or one-week rental.

Can I rent for longer than one week?
Yes you may. 15% per day is applied for up to a two-week period. We also offer production/theatre rates for monthly or longer use.

If I don’t use the costume, can I bring it back for a refund?
No, we do not offer refunds on costumes.

Why do I have to supply a security deposit.  Is there an alternative?
We require a security deposit as collateral for the return of the Rental.  Please plan ahead accordingly as it is required on date of pickup.   

Am I allowed to take pictures in your rental store?

Do you rent shoes?

Do you sell your rental stock?
No we do not sell our rentals.  However, some of the designs can be replicated and custom made for the client.

Will you make me a custom costume?
Yes. If you are interested in having something made, please speak with our rental staff.

Are all your pictures on the website?  
We continue to update our website with current costumes but some of the most recent may not be on there.

Do you rent for children?

I have costumes to sell. Would you be interested in buying them?
If the costumes are of high quality and you think we would be interested, please email us.

Can I pay for my rental order over the phone?
No.  Orders should be booked online or in person.

Will you ship the costume to me?
Local only and for an additional fee.

Do you rent to US/international or out of province customers?

What happens if I can’t return the costume during store hours? Do you have a drop-box?
Due to the delicate nature and large size of many of our costumes (e.g. mascots), we do not offer a drop box service. It does not have to be the Renter returning the costume. You may send it with a friend, family member or courier or other delivery service