Rental Terms and Policies



  • be at least 18 years of age or older
  • be an Ontario resident (we do not rent or ship rentals outside of province or Canada)
  • present a valid form of identification on pickup 
  • sign a rental contract on or before the date of pickup


Rental fees are for up to 4 days. The fee for a one-day Rental is the same as the fee for 4 days. Additional days will be charged at 10% of the rental fee.


Week 1-  regular rental fee 

Week 2 - 50% off the rental fee

Weeks 3 and on -  75% off the rental fee 



  • Rental fees must be paid in full on the date of booking.  If Renter cancels the Rental within 24 hours or more from the pickup date, a 25% non-refundable amount will be applied.  If Renter cancels within 24 hours of the pickup date, no refund will be permitted.   If you're booking for a production or a long term Rental, a 50% non-refundable deposit is required.
  • The Rental Contract is final once completed.  Any missing items or condition issues must be reported to us within 24 hrs of pickup. There are no refunds once the Rental has been paid for and picked up and no issues have been reported.
  • The Renter must provide a Security Deposit on the date of pickup. The Security Deposit will be an amount of up $150-$1000 (depending on the number of costumes being rented) and will be held until all accounts are settled and costumes are returned. The Security Deposit is NOT a prepayment for rental fees.

Return of the Costumes:

All Rentals hangers and garment bags must be returned with the costumes.  All Rental Items must be returned in the same or better condition.   There is no need to dryclean or launder the Rental Item prior to returning it, however, Rental Items that are returned heavily soiled will be subject to a $25 charge per item.  Any Rentals that are returned heavily stained, torn, heavily altered or all-together there are pieces missing or damaged beyond reasonable wear and tear, the Renter will pay the extra costs.  Renters will be charged for any Rental Item that is returned with a heavy odour (ie. marijuana or smoke).

Failure to Return and Replacement Costs:

All Rental Items are the property of Woodbridge Costume Collection.   If the Renter fails to return the Rental Items or make arrangements for the return, we shall have the right to file a police report for the return of the Items.  If the Renter does not return the Rental Items, the Renter will be responsible to pay the replacement cost.  If the Renter fails to return any pieces of the Rental Item or if irreparable damage(s) has incurred to the Rental Item, the Renter will be responsbile to pay for the replacement cost. Replacement value of lost or damaged garments or pieces are set at anywhere from 10-30 times the rental value (depending on the garment). 


Minor, reversible alterations are permitted. i.e. hems, waist and sleeve alterations. Major alterations must have prior authorization. $50/hr fee applies to reverse alterations or to repair damages or replace zippers. No breakdown of the garment(s) without prior authorization. The Renter will pay for any damage created to the garment from the use of hemming tape.

Late Fees:

A non-negotiable late fee of 10% of the cost per Rental, per day, is applied to all Rentals returned after the date specified on the Rental agreement.

Production Orders:

We will require specific measurements to ensure a proper fit (see below).  These measurements should be provided for each wearer/actor and emailed to us at:

Waist to floor (females only)
Neck/shirt size
Hat size
Hips (females only)