Rental Terms



Rentals must be PAID in full on the date of booking. 

Renters MUST:

  • be at least 18 years of age
  • be an Ontario resident
  • present a valid form of identification (ie driver's license)
  • provide a $100-$200 security deposit (cash or charge card) on or before the date of pickup
  • sign a rental contract on or before the date of pickup

1. The Rental Contract is FINAL once completed.  No refunds or exchanges.
2. The Renter must pay for the Rental in full prior to release, and shall provide a security deposit on or before the date of pickup.
3. Any deposits paid to reserve the Rental are non-refundable and non-transferrable.
4. The Rental must be returned in its original packaging (ie. garment bags and hangers) or a fee will apply.
5. Failure to return the Rental on time will result in late fees.
6. The Renter will pay the replacement cost for failure to return the Rental or if irreparable damage(s) is incurred to the Rental.
7. We will wash the Rental BUT if the Rental requires extra cleaning or replacement pieces/accessories, the Renter will pay the extra costs.
8. Any delivery or return charges are the responsibility of the Renter. 
9. The Renter will not sew or alter the Rental. 


Rentals fees are for 4-7 days.  A cost of 15% per day will be charged on extended Rental time.  Special rates are available for customers that need a numerous amount of costumes over an extended period of time. These rates depend on the types of costumes and the amount of time they are needed. We will happily provide you with a quote on your specific requirements. You can reach our rental department at (905) 850-9193 or at

All costumes are dry-cleaned after each use and these costs are included in the rental fee.

A security deposit of up $100-$200 (depending on the costume) is required on each Rental on the date of pickup.  No exceptions to this policy. This security deposit will be returned to Renter once Rental is returned.

A non-negotiable late fee of 15% of the cost per Rental, per day is applied to all Rentals returned after the date specified on the Rental agreement.

For phone or email orders we require specific measurements to ensure a proper fit:

Waist to floor (females only)
Neck/shirt size
Hat size
Hips (females only)